Creating a New Brand of CHAMPION
Leading Edge Achievement Project

Our Mission
Leading Edge Achievement Project's mission is 
to be a community resource that provides opportunities and education to empower individuals to achieve excellence 
in both their sport and in life.
LEAPLeading Edge Achievement Projectwas established in 
2015 to help support gymnasts 
as a whole person, not just as 
an athlete. 

LEAP helps provide to 
individuals the tools and 
the education necessary 
to be a champion in their 
sport as well as in their life. 
We work on the physical body condition as well as the mental 
focus necessary to achieve excellence safely as an athlete.
LEAP provides programs 
to expand the opportunities for 
particular groups,
including special needs and underprivileged communities, 
in the field of increased 
athletic experience and 
excellence as an individual.
Additionally, LEAP provides 
scholarships to children 
for both the sport of gymnastics 
as well as educational programs necessary to achieve success.

Leading Edge Achievement Project is a non-profit 501(3)(c) corporation and as such is completely funded by donations and charitable contributions.

LEAP is creating a new brand of champion helping individuals achieve excellence in their sport and in life;
providing opportunities and education that empower them.
Our Wellness Program strives to offer state-of-the-art natural nutrition options that work on the physical body condition as well as the mental focus necessary to achieve excellence safely as an athlete and in life.